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Cloe Frankish Golf represented by PR Sports Management

PR Sports Management works across a wide range of sports, managing homegrown players as well as those further abroad.

We take pleasure in scouting young talent within the sporting spectrum and helping them achieve stardom, as well as source and represent pros. Everything from contract negations, to financial and legal counsel, media training and concierge services is within our remit.



PR Sports Management is a renowned sporting agent and promoter amongst many national and international golfing tournaments, including The British Masters and The Ladies European Tour. We have represented a host of famous golfers and our most recent focus is on highlighting that of professional female golfers. We have the experience to take our golfing clients to the next level in terms of their sporting careers, where they can focus on what they do best, and we’re at hand to take care of the rest.


PR Sports Management is always ringside when it comes to managing and supporting our boxing athletes. We provide the highest level of professional support and services to represent our boxers and their ambitions in and out the ring. Our team will help nurture and identify amateur talent, training and moving them into the professional limelight to win their fights. As a sporting agent, we take full advantage of the opportunities for our boxers, whilst prolonging exposure and protecting their performance levels.


PR Sports Management delivers personal representation services to both professional and aspiring amateur footballers. We understand that football is more than just an elite sport, but it is also a fast-paced developing industry with increased profitability and financial stability. Our footballing network of clubs, partners and sponsors allow us to negotiate and manage the best possible deal for each and every player. Be it from training club level to footballing fame, we’ve helped players move up the ranks to playing for teams of their dreams.


PR Sports Management is positioned towards representing all levels of rugby players from youth to elite. We want our clients to keep their eye on the ball, so we’ve established multiple service packages to manage all areas of our players professional and personal lives. We understand the intensity of rugby training, tournaments and travel, so our team are here to lighten the burden, and provide you with the sponsors, legal and financial advice, contract negotiations, media representations that you require now, and moving forwards.


PR Sports Management is here to run circles for you, whilst you keep your eye on the finish line. We support all our athletes and drive their performance both on and off the track. From generating endorsement opportunities to managing the day-to-day sponsorship agreements and contracts, we’ve got you covered. Our specialist team has mapped out strategic progression paths that will enable you to achieve your sporting aspirations. No matter your level, we’ll tailor our service to suit your bespoke needs.

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