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Our Services.

Chloe Williams PR Sports Management Ladies Golf Tour 2022

PR Sports Management provides a range of elite and specialised services for all of our clients, both on and off the field. All our services are personalized as we believe there is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to our clients’ sporting careers and futures.


Contract negotiations

PR Sports Management offers an in-depth service when it comes to new sporting contracts and renewing of current contracts. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our clients maximize their earning potential through an extensive negotiation process. Our team undergoes wide-ranging preparation, research and planning to generate the best short- and long-term tailored outcome, taking into account both the client’s professional and personal lives. We believe that the contract negotiation phase is fundamental to the success of the sportsman / woman at hand, as this sets the stage going forward as to how each and every aspect around the sporting journey will capitalize and bring value.

In addition, PR Sports Management also offers an advisory and consulting service for those athletes aspiring to become professional and the best routes to market.


All of our athletes have 24/7, 365 days a year access to our specialized legal team for advice, assistance, and peace of mind on all legal matters. PR Sports Management’s approach is to protect and support each and every one of our sporting athletes with the highest standards of compliance and sporting regulation. Whether it pertains to employment and commercial contracts, reputation management, domestic and family issues, we’re on hand to counsel. In addition, we have a dedicated team of external legal professionals and firms on hand should any of our clients require specialised legal counsel on complicated matters. We are here to provide you with the highest level of legal provision, no matter the circumstances.

Financial & Wealth Planning

At PR Sports Management, we understand how paramount it is to secure your financial future for both you and your family. Our specialised financial planning team will work with each client on an individual basis, helping to identify and build personalized financial goals and solutions, plus advising on viable and comfortable routes to achieve these. From day-to-day financial administration, to investing and negotiations, and researching the best financial resolutions both in the short and long term, we’ll build the best plan to suit your needs. Our team can help advise on appropriate investments, off-shore accounts and pensions, tax mitigation and private banking facilities. In addition, they’re also available to discuss life insurances, private medical health packages and retirement plans to ensure you’re completely covered.

Our team are all eminently qualified and have a long-standing, credible portfolio as well as resolute experience within the sporting sector. Our clients’ financial future is our priority, and we will go above and beyond to secure that.

Media & Media Training

PR Sports Management strives to ensure each and every client’s media profile is professionally managed with the utmost attention to detail, every step of the way. As part of our commitment to growing our athletes’ earning potential and status, we’ll focus on how each personal brand is represented within the media as well as explore tailored commercial opportunities which are the most lucrative and supportive. We strive to have consistency both on and off the field in terms of 8 professionalism and expertise for all of our athletes. Media includes (and is not limited to) TV, press, radio as well as all digital and social channels.

Not all athletes enjoy the spotlight on them – the interviews and paparazzi as well as the public eye and attention – and understandably so. With this in mind, PR Sports Management has created an exclusive media training programme designed to coach and educate athletes on what to expect from the media, the best interview tips, how much information to disclose and any other media related queries which they may encounter.

Mentoring & Career Development

At PR Sports Management, we offer a bespoke mentoring programme for each of our athlete’s personal and professional growth as well as success. We have a network of sporting and business experts who are ready to help support and sustain the athlete’s career now and in the future. We recognise that each athlete is unique, with their own individual strengths and weaknesses, therefore our team will help develop a mentoring and career roadmap and subsequent training to ensure the transition and succeeding growth period is maximized as well as efficient.

The team at PR Sports Management understands the demands and pressures professional sporting may have on an athlete and that it’s about far more than just the sport. Whether it’s media queries, reputation management, public speaking or going from amateur to professional, we’re here to make help make your career development hassle-free, rewarding and empowering. 

Lifestyle Management

PR Sports Management understands that focusing on your A-game is your priority, as well as ours! That’s where we come in, to lend a helping hand in supporting you and your family’s needs on a day-to-day basis, including everything you may need off the pitch / course. Whether you require some administration to be handled, or duties at home to be taken care of, we’ll handle your load so you can concentrate on what matters most and stay motivated with your eye on the ball. PR Sports Management acts as an intermediary between all its trusted suppliers to maintain a high-class lifestyle tailored to you. PR Sports Management’s Player Services Team offers a complete off-field Concierge solution.

We have developed a well-rounded network of trusted partners and providers to manage each of our client’s personal and professional requests. From hotel bookings, to car rentals, visa appointments to relocation packages, sending flowers to getting insurance quotes, nothing is too big or small to handle. Our team has negotiated and secured exclusive rates and perks which are the best in the market. These offers include clothing retailers, high-street brands, travel packages, access to sold-out events and concerts, tables at fully booked restaurants and private access to financial and insurance deals.

Our team will go above and beyond to provide the best client service which will always be consistent, reliable and a pivotal part of our ongoing commitment which we pride ourselves on.

Sponsorship & Commerical

PR Sports Management’s in-house Commercial division are experts in creating and maximizing its clients’ earning potential and personal brand profile both on and off the field. We have experience in creating lucrative endorsements, strategic sponsorship and partnerships with varying commercial partners, in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Our long-standing relationships with these sponsors and partners position us as a trailblazer in the industry, always aiming to ensure our clients reach their full potential and give them the exact exposure they need and deserve.

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